Be Golden 2018

    October 4-6, 2018
    Downtown Bloomington, Indiana

Meet our Be Golden 2018 Keynote Speaker

“Describing herself as black, queer, kinky, poly and as a sexuality educator, writer, and cancer-warrior, Ericka Hart is a New York based activist who started advocating for greater visibility for black breast cancer survivors. She is currently working tirelessly to reshape the conversation and help impact the outcome for marginalized patients.”


The Social Media Marketing Workshop Back for Round 2

The Social Media Marketing 101 is a creative content boot camp (minus the push-ups). It is a one-day workshop spent stuffing your brain full of skills to make your images, content and social platforms unique and eye-catching. Not only will you learn how to create the content, but we will give you the tools to market it to the right people and on the right platforms!

We will teach the basics as well as more advanced techniques, and how to apply them with your own perspective to create layouts to use in your own day-to-day online personal brand or business.

Little to no experience with social media marketing? Don’t fret! You will leave the course with confidence to understand the in’s and out’s of the social media industry, as well as skills to create and edit images to match your personal/business brand, how to retouch skin and color correct portraits, how to animate gifs, and how to add all the ‘bells and whistles’ to your social media images. Leading you to social media mastery are Joey Simmons & Chelsea Sanders! Make sure to bring your phone, laptop, or your preferred editing device!



950 Parrett St, Evansville, IN 47713


Sat, July 21, 2018 1:00PM